My name is Bryan Thompson, I am a 30 year old Software Engineer. Prior to transitioning recently into software development, I spent 9 years as a Linux Systems Administrator.

As a sys admin I have worked in a variety of environments from a Fortune 100 company, to Top Secret facilities, to a floating destroyer in the middle of the ocean. After almost a decade though I found myself becoming more fascinated by the world of the engineers whose systems I was building and maintaining. Through that window of interest, I found a passion for programming and the ever-changing world it allows us to build and control.

Outside of my tech-life, I spend a lot of time focused on snowboarding. That often ends up getting expressed through hiking, skateboarding, meditation, yoga and snowboard related training. Snowboarding is what motivates me to take the best care of my body possible.

If you find something interesting here and would like to talk about it feel free to email me at