Welcome! This being my first blog post I thought I’d start with a brief introduction and then talk a little about why I decided to learn software development.

My name is Bryan, I’ve been working in tech pretty much all of my life. Right at 18 I started working as an IT for the Navy. That lasted about 6 years at which point I have continued to work IT for a few companies ranging from Fortune 100 to less than 50 employees.

Though my love for tech has not faded, my love for working as a systems administrator has. During the last few years I started thinking more about switching into development. At first I just thought I couldn’t cut it, I spent some time learning Computer Science at a university, put learning C++ at such a slow rate was unbearable. After a few months of effort I felt like I had barely made any progress because I didn’t really have much to show for my work except completed homework assignments. I never particularly enjoyed school so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to me when I finally came to the conclusion that it was just not the right path.

Fortunately, I finally found web development after browsing for ways to learn programming online. Through sites like Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp I learned the basics. Over time I started to really enjoy the way web development allows you to quickly have your code become a tangible page right in front of you.

At this point I am now studying full time with Flatiron School’s Learn-Verified program. I plan to continue to blog as I progress through this journey. Some posts may be about coding, others about snowboarding, skateboarding, climbing, biking or any of the other things that I try to enjoy on a regular basis. I occasionally will even put together a tech guide on small projects that I’m working on if I can’t find a good one out there already. I just don’t plan on doing that too regularly as I am transitioning away from that focus.